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ASIAN MUSIC UPLOADS galore! [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
♥ because I am nice, not because I like uploading :)

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[DOWNLOAD] Heyyyyyyy. I'm back, sort of. [Apr. 14th, 2007||03:03 am]
(mostly Asian) MUSIC UPLOADS!


Sorry guys! I know I've been majorly neglecting y'all, but that's just because I've just been organizing and putting my life back together. It's sort of been falling apart, unfortunately. I am trying my best though..

I plan on posting a rotation sometime next week with the songs that have constantly been on repeat in my iPOD for the past couple of months, so stay tuned for those.

I noticed with a shock today that more than half of my sendspace uploads have expired. That really sucks! So I'm listing all of my unexpired sendspace uploads (X Japan is on Megaupload):


haha just kidding! You won't die but it's pretty rude if you don't give any thanks, and you know that.

Enjoy! ♥
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100+ members [Feb. 19th, 2007||09:42 pm]
(mostly Asian) MUSIC UPLOADS!


...in just ONE WEEK! Your support feels great, just remember to comment when you download <3 Toshiya thanks you ;)
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WELCOME! [Feb. 11th, 2007||01:38 am]
(mostly Asian) MUSIC UPLOADS!


Welcome to uploads , a members-only music rotation community.

1. This is NOT a file-sharing community. It's an I-GIVE-YOU-TAKE community; I am the only one that will be posting.  I upload mainly Japanese music, and some Korean, Chinese, and English.

2. I upload only to Megaupload and Sendspace so if either of them don't work in your country, I'm sorry.. because they're all I'll upload to.

3. REQUESTS are very welcome. How would I know what to upload if you don't request?!  They'll be posted up in the next entry as soon as I have them uploaded.

4. Read the rules before joining.

5.  JOIN to gain access to uploads :)

Still have questions? Check the community userinfo or e-mail me at jrockisgood@yahoo.com.

Have fun and Happy Downloading! ♥

Requests are CLOSED as of 3/12/07 [Feb. 11th, 2007||01:37 am]
(mostly Asian) MUSIC UPLOADS!


Oh my god! you guys are requesting like crazy. Hopefully I can get to all of them ._____.

All I ask you to do is please read this before requesting. Thank you.

When I have finished uploading your request, I will NOT comment with the download links; I will post them in the next update. You must be a member of
[info]uploads to view updatesJoin to gain full access.

Request as much as you want! How would I know what to upload if you don't tell me? But keep in mind that I need to be fair and try to get to everyone's, not just one person. Don't worry too much about it though; I'll get to it sooner or later =)

3. Comment with your request on this post {& remember to say thank you! I am a person, not just an uploading machine *__~}

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playlist updated 2.10.07 [Feb. 11th, 2007||12:41 am]
(mostly Asian) MUSIC UPLOADS!

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